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A local El Paso favorite.A fastfood joint specializing in rolled tacos in a special tomato sauce with graded chese and green salsa. Renowned for its hangover curing abilities however over indulgence in this spicy meal is known to cause hershey squirts and the accumulation of poison fart gas.Chico's tacos breath is also something to avoid if your planning on getting laid.
I'm all goat mouthed and hungover, might as well head over to Chico's Tacos and my butt hole will pay later.
by Rub Dogg August 27, 2006
Flatulence with the ability to clear a large room of people.
Damn it! Ruben layed a poison fart in the living room so he could have the TV to himself,stinky bastard.
by Rub Dogg August 27, 2006
The lubricating substance made naturally by the vagina,usually seen in abundance during intercourse.
Damn yo, Cherry had madd vagina saliva on the bed sheets after we smashed. Now my room smells like a fishmarket.
by Rub Dogg August 27, 2006
Mexican slang from Chuco town meaning a person who has sex all the damn time.
What's up girl, they callme el pinche cochon because I like to cochar many many women.
by Rub Dogg August 12, 2006
Black person; stinky dark person
Buelle como pinche sombra.
by Rub Dogg August 12, 2006
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