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Ruaidri is a term used for only the finest of human beings... handsome, intelligent, charming and all the rest. He is one of the greatest friends you will have, in fact, NOT having Ruaidri as a friend automatically makes you friendless.

Ruaidri is the most courageous person you could ever meet; most stuntmen have posters of this person on their bedroom wall.

Other definitions for Ruaidri are;
1. Well endowed one
2. Sock rocker
3. Extremely witty
4. Other name for Heinz Beans
"Did you see Ruaidri today, isn't he just so Ruaidri?"

"I'm that big of a Ruaidri even Ruaidri would agree with how Ruaidri I am."

Girl: "Oh my, aren't we Ruaidri."
Lad: "Glad you approve."
by Ruaidri ;) August 07, 2010

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