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You are in the process of nailing some stuck up whore from behind. You can tell she is a prude. So while in the process take two fingers cross them and shove them in her ass. Get the good and stinky, corn hole them deep in the ass. Just when she is about to get off, take those two fingers reach over her and hook the nostrils and pull her head back and ask her "so you think your shit doesn'tstink now bitch"
I was nailing this uptight chic last night who didn' want to get dirty so I gave her the hollywood sniffer!!!
by Ru469 March 12, 2010
Typically this goes for a man. This is when a guy farts and instead of a good bass sound that makes most men laugh and women run. It makes more of a swoosh sound or a gust of wind. This sound normally comes out of a guy's ass who just had a very large penis rammed in it for about a good hour.
Guy 1.Farts at the poker game and his pals laugh.
Guy 2. Farts and it made a swoosh sound his pals burst out loud and say "homo-fart". Smells like latex..........
by Ru469 March 13, 2010

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