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FreeBSD = Free + Berkeley Software Development.
Most popular UNIX release the world has ever seen. www.freebsd.org.

(common) FreeBSD pwns ur A$$
I love FreeBSD.
by Rr November 07, 2002
Fat orange male cat with white stripes
A cute guy
AKA stingoshe, stinge, gingy
My stingamen is the cutest guy around
You're Stingamen better keep his paws off of off my Macy
by RR January 27, 2005
The abbreviation in Pittsburghese for "I'm gonna".
Imina go upstairs because I still have work to do.

Imina kill you!
by RR January 21, 2005
a guy that act really enfeminate or gay
man that person is such a fucking femmeboy
by RR April 28, 2004
What happens when a jew marries a non-jew.
Only one of your parents are Jewish? Just like RacinReaver!
by RR January 10, 2004
The biggest fool on earth. His another name should be non stop nonsense.
Breaking his leg after falling in toilet of a bar. Only he can do that.
by RR November 14, 2003
What people who can't spell say when they are frustrated.
Hmm, I can't seme to spel corectly todey.
by RR June 10, 2002

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