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how to kill a man in 3 secs
"straight for the jugular"

(vein, throat liver, thorax, big toe, hyperdermis)
by ROYSTER May 08, 2003
AKA Netbeans IDE - For programming Java.

Also means "beans of the internet"
"Look, mum, I'm using the internet beans!"
by Royster January 19, 2007
Fun that is decent.

Can be used in sexual context, but can also used within normal context.
1) "..I'm gonna have me a bit of decentfun with that chick over there.."

2) "..There's decentfun aplenty on the merry-go-round!"
by Royster January 21, 2005
Poo that lies between the toes.
..."Gee, ma, look at little Billy Rogers, he has some sock goop between his toes!.."
by Royster February 02, 2007
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