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A main character from an anime called Fullmetal Alchemist
And the brotherhood series...
In FMA he is a figure of nuisance to Edward Elric the main Character. His brother Alphonse on the other Han feels indebted to him. He is the man who got Ed into the military. He is a Lt. for most of he series and is known as the flame alchemist, and an Ishvalan war hero. Though Ed at first dislikes Mustang he grows to tolerate him. The last time hey see each hoer in the episodes is when Mustang goes off to kill Pride.

In the second season also known as Fullmetal Alchemist

Brotherhood, Roy is more of a likeable figure. He does not kill Winry Rockbell, Ed and Als good friend And is given a more sturdy part. In this series mustang continuously hunts fo the murderer of his friend, Hughes giving him a bit more friendly attitude. Later when he finds it was Envy (a homunculus) he is about to kill him when Scar an Ishvalan mass murderer, Ed and Riza Hawkeye stop him. Late he is forced to do human transmutation to become a "sacrifice" to father And wrath and pride pin him down and in turn he loses his eyesight.
This is a small summary of an awesome character!

BTW I forgo to mention he wears special gloves so hat when he snaps he uses alchemy to shoot flames from his fingertips.
My favourite anime character (and I watch A LOT of anime) is Roy Mustang
by Royfangirl February 24, 2012

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