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a word meaning "Love You"; put together into one word.
i lalu chikkita, goodnight :)
by Royceee Rondum February 24, 2010
The process of squantification. In short, it means: getting stoned as fuck. Being in a elevated state of mind. This comes from being squanto, an intelligent and wise being, which is our "high alter ego"because each one of us has an inner squanto. More specifically, an inner native indian. You may ask why squanto? why an native indian name? well its because if you smoke a lot, you are considered a chief. Feather helmet, loin cloth and everything. But as it turns out, it is all our own responsibility find our own native indian names. So i now ask you this question, what is YOUR indian name?
David: Hey bro, lets kick it.
Royce: What are you tryna do
David: lets go to the movies
Royce: with who?
David: me and mando
Royce: you and squanto? nah man, im not tryna get squantified today. i have too much to do.
David: me and mando! See thats squanto trying to come out and get his toes wet
by Royceee Rondum April 03, 2015
its when the blonde life meets the thug life creating someone called a Blug; a blonde thug. A blug has the characteristics of a blonde and a thug(Malandro) which usually dont last long on this earth, they have a short lifespan due to the mixture of saying and doing dumb things and not giving a fuck
Ohhh shiett that girl is a blug, dont make eye contact with her. XD
by Royceee Rondum June 19, 2011
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