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While listening to Journey's "Don't stop Believin'" and receiving a rusty trombone, you feel like you have to fart, and do. However, you end up sharting in the girl's face, at which point, the girl vomits in your ass. She passes out from the stench, so you take the opportunity to play "hide the peanut butter" with her dog. When you're done, you place sparklers in her nose,then jam a tuba mouthpiece in her ass and play "Washington Post March". If performed in a Rolls Royce, you must play "Nobles of the Mystic Shrine" and refer to the act as a Rolls Royce Landon.
Guy no. 1: "How did it go last night?"

Guy no. 2: "Royce Landon."

Guy no. 1: "I worship you!"
by Royce Landon November 11, 2007

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