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Oversized dark shades worn as an accessory to going dumb, usually mirrored aviators.
Putcha stunna shades on...
by Royalty May 28, 2006
Yay Area slang term, originated and popularized by hyphy rapper Keak da Sneak, an abbreviation of "Do you know what I mean?"
Yadadamean, yadadimsayin, yadadimtalkinbout?

We know whatcho talkin bout

-Keak da Sneak, Yadadamean
by Royalty May 28, 2006
Endearing term used in the Yay Area hyphy movement, referring to San Francisco.
Wah wha wha wha, thats Oakland
Yee yee yee yee, thats Richmond
Hey, hey, thats Frisco
And if you aint from the bay now yo ass know

-Frontline, Now You Know
by Royalty May 28, 2006
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