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Succeed in something great. When you do something remarkable that earn you respect among other people. Usually said when you flirt with a girl and get her phone number or a dance at the club.
1-I'll be mac'in at the club tonight!
2-I'm coming with you!


1-I'm gonna mac this test!
2-U studied?
1-Yeah i know everything
2-Man u're the BOSS!
by Royal_Belvedere March 24, 2010
Slang for the word 'pillage' which means to kill or destroy, usually said toward a person. Used when a large group of person beat the shit out of someone.

Pronunciation: PI - 'Pee' and 'I'
-Yo! This guy is so getting PI'ed!
-He insulted me and all my friends
by Royal_Belvedere March 24, 2010

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