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i'm blue.

2 ways about it:
1) i'm blue as i sad =
2) blue and in the song
msn convo

Love,Love me do: i'm blue
Joby fox: da ba di da ba do
by RoxxOSoFoxxi November 23, 2007
when a chav is trying to descibe something whilst trying to make an emo, normaly, seem small...they will say:
chav- "omg that's so dead!"
normal person- " err... okay..."
by RoxxOSoFoxxi November 28, 2007
general term you should say when you see someone's site that goes on and on about sex. are they a chavette? sometimes... ok most of the time
girls site
"ilike sex i like sex" "give me sex give me sex"

another girl's mum sees it and she says
by RoxxOSoFoxxi November 23, 2007

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