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A blog you feel compelled to read but leaves you fantastically underwhelmed. To do so will typically take 5 minutes of your life & good eyesite that you'll never get back.
Holy hell, if you need to feel better about your life, read this blahg about decorating vegetables. Jeebus.

I'd write about my day but I so don't want to post a blahg- no one deserves that.
by Roxie AKA LisaLeesaLisa August 26, 2008
Combination of snow and ice.
Man, the dog just came in covered in snice. Awesome!
by Roxie AKA LisaLeesaLisa January 09, 2011
L-O-U-D, bawdy laugh from a woman that makes you stop what you are doing and look to see where it came from. It is not a giggle or a titter or a gradual build of laughter- it is LOUD and OUT THERE immediately. This laugh is typically heard in a bar environment from a chick that has drank too much and gotten too loud, but, it can also be heard in any situation where something is REALLY funny. Once you hear it, you'll know it forever.
Girl....you just Barwhore Laughed. Umm...the sermon's about to start, reign it in. Damn.

Hear that- somebody's Barwhore Laughing- I'll have what she's having.
by Roxie AKA LisaLeesaLisa January 15, 2011
Acne caused from profuse sweating, typically found in Southern climates.
My forehead looks like Braille from all this swacne.

Like this oily sheen I have isn't attractive enough, bring on a face-full of swacne.
by Roxie AKA LisaLeesaLisa May 12, 2011
The combination of spring and winter, when seasons no longer define themselves, they just meld into one.
It's been spwintering in Georgia since November. Flip-flops and a parka.
by Roxie AKA LisaLeesaLisa February 02, 2012
ANY snake that people post a picture of on social media and ask what kind it is. They can be found anywhere, anytime of year. Commonly confused with garter snakes, rat snakes, earthworms and broken lawnmower belts.
"What kind of snake is this?"

(Pic posted of garter snake about the size of a pencil)

That's a Coppercobrarattlehead. Be careful.
by Roxie AKA LisaLeesaLisa April 14, 2014

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