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the ejaculatory gland
"dude she activated my floob tube"
by RoxasDive February 05, 2010
pronounced (SEE-NUSS)

a small and shriveled penis found on scene chicks.
JAMES-"Dude that scene chicks pants are so tight!"

NICK-"yeah man you can see her scenis"
by RoxasDive February 05, 2010
A word that occurs during the repitition of the word "Fuck", usually when the person is enraged or disgruntled.

The term "Fack" may also be said after the word "Fickin", "Frackin" or any other random, non-existent word that occurs when proclaiming disagreement or when engaged in debate.
PERSON: "Bro. Your mom.

PERSON 2: "You Fuckin', Fickin', Fack!"

PERSON: "What??"
by RoxasDive December 10, 2010

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