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a fat-wide, short, dumpy, mean, angry person shaking her fat giant gross boobs to gain constant attention; insatible ego; low self-esteem; only child syndrome, overconfident (with no real cause to be), envious, hungry all the time; the (fat) girl with the most cake; big wide round face with tense smile, desperate to land a man and get married; any man will do; smellyg will pay.
I pulled a smellyg and had another "all about me" party for myself last night. I'm a lawyer. I collected all the gifts that I most certainly deserve from the friends who attended, some will no doubt be re-gifted. Oh, did I tell you I'm a lawyer? It's my claim to fame. I will pay the rent and buy you stuff if you marry me. Give me some attention, it's all about me.
by RoxanneWon October 14, 2007
a gamy version of aimee; rancid meat; a wicked evil angry woman with too much time on her hands; a woman's scorn; stalker, envious, homely, lacking a soul
gaimee knows how to bring down the board with her horrific presence.
by RoxanneWon May 19, 2007

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