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17 definitions by Roxanne

get back to me,
yo holla back
by roxanne December 09, 2003
448 95
short bassist of taking back sunday. super sweet and awesome and funny and kickass.
matt rubano is my midgie
by Roxanne February 10, 2004
78 30
the act of wrapping your lips around a pipe, bong, cigerette etc etc, and gettin you'r drool and nasty crap all up on it...
yo anthony!! quit niggerlippin' that shiiiii.... dammit foo'!! i don't want you'r woman's kootch all on my piece!
by roxanne February 02, 2005
62 17
Very short skirt that barely covers the bum-cheeks. Usually worn low around the hips and looks more like a boob-tube worn as a skirt. Name refers to grey-hound racing.
"Damn, that certainly is a grey-hound skirt.. an inch away from the hair." (hare:pun)
by Roxanne July 30, 2003
19 8
a joke - to just kid- not taken seriously
oh man i was just kidding - it was just a play play
by roxanne January 28, 2004
23 13
from the TV show Angel and Buffy
Cordy's such a prep
by Roxanne September 20, 2003
19 9
a normal guy with amazing poetic talents that is weirdly obsessed over by indie girls that paint their nails black/chip it off, and make up weekly nuerosis for themselves so they can be more Conor Oberst.
"I can't sleep unless I drink myself into it."
"Aww...your so Oberst!"
by Roxanne December 11, 2003
62 53