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A song or section of a song that is particularly addictive, and causes you to enjoy it to great amounts.
Coburn - We Interrupt This Program (Jean Claude Ades Remix).. it's an Audiorgasm, especially the chorus.
by RoxRox May 27, 2006
Attraction by Humans to vehicles manufactured by Ferrari.

Also: Ferrarisexuality
That F360 next to that Enzo almost makes me cream my pants, i'm probably Ferrarisexual.
by RoxRox December 17, 2005
A random assembly of two words, same meaning as underwear.

Mostly for humor, a favorite word of many.
lol WTf I CNA see ur underwareZ11!!!>!!11
by RoxRox October 15, 2005
Laughing, random response or just plain random. Derived from "Keke" and transformed using "fake german" (see: rifkens, hausen)
Jim: hey man my car just got stolen
Bob: kekens

Jim: sup
Bob: kekens

Bob: kekens kekens kekens KEKENS!
by RoxRox November 09, 2006

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