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When a dude wears a shirt as a dress.
Dude, take off that dressshirt, you look like a fucking idiot.
by Rowdy "The Cell' Munson February 14, 2009
A truly epic moment whereby, while driving your friend's car with a blood alcohol content well over the legal limit (ie above .400), proceed to ignore the traffic lights and gun it over a railway in front of an oncoming locomotive, thereby effectively dodging the train. Traindodge. Also best to have the car full of passengers, including the owner of said car.

Appropriate responses of owner of said car include the following: 1) Bodyslamming a traffic barrel; b) a Bale Out; b.5) Continue brollin.
Holy shit! I can't believe we just survived that traindodge.
by Rowdy "The Cell' Munson February 14, 2009
To be rollin with your bros. The ultimate would be if one of your bros (or yourself) were named Brolin.
Bro 1: Dudes, tonight is gonna be kickass.

Bro 2: Yeah, man. We be brollin.


Bro, we be brollin with Brolin.
by Rowdy "The Cell' Munson February 14, 2009

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