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One of the few respectable subcultures in that they're not retarded children who must make themselves the center of attention by moaning about slight imperfections grossly romanticized (emo) or equally stupid lemmings who try to follow random, often mixed up, misinformed and ignorant stereotypes surrounding certain subcultures (scenesters). Goths are truly artistic and are often very friendly and intelligent once you get to know them. They are often demonized by high school councilors who act like they have a fork stuck up their ass and mainstream media-slaves because of their popular association with Counter-culture religions and philosophies(i.e. Lucifinarianism, Wicca, etc.) this presumption is more often than not untrue and just goes to show how ignorant people can be.

Goths are often misunderstood because dispite artistic flavor and expression, it is often manifested in masochistic/sadist themes. And if you can't appreciate darker forms of expression, art, music and writing, go fuck yourself you pretentious little fucknut.

Goth is also respectable in that it's not about non-comformity. It's about free expression, not just shitting out reasons to stand against mainstream ideas just for the hell of it. People have reasons not to comform. And those who do it because they think that the mainstream is stupid or pretentious and ignorant or because they believe that that's just not who they are should be respected. But those who fake personalities and look up reasons to go against popular thinking in urbandictionary should be dragged behind the gym by Varsity football and beaten until their intestines start to spill from their mouth.
The kids who eat lunch by themselves, perhaps play with sharpies, may or may not have body tattoos or piercings (each to his/her own choice) take several art-based (fine art included) classes, hate preps and seem to be having more fun than most people.

The fucknuts who think that dressing in black and scratching copious amounts of eye-liner on and chanting about the rise of Satan to eat everyone's testes and ovaries makes them a non-comformist goth.
by Rousseau, King of Anarchy February 04, 2007

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