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Refers to the person, usually a soccer mom that is driving an empty SUV while talking on a cell phone and drinking Starbucks, all while going 75MPH on the freeway.
Look at that woman driving like a maniac! What an S.U.V-Tard!!!
by RoundRockMike May 29, 2008
Playing you car stereo (with large subwoofers) very loud while driving through a neighborhood.
Kids are always bassin past my crib after dark.
by RoundRockMike January 26, 2008
The seemingly uncontrollable twitch that someone with Justin Beiber-like hair does to move the hair out of their eyes. Usually associated with boys 9-15 years old.
Look at that kid over there with his hair hanging down in his eyes! He's got a bad case of "Beiber-twitch" to try to keep it out of his face.
by roundrockmike September 01, 2010

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