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It's a school...except with uniforms that most kids find annoying, but are helpful in that you never have to bother about picking out an outfit to wear for the day. Alot of the times the uniform involves khaki pants and plaid skirts, but there's exceptions. There's also religon class and the occasinal Catholic mass that normally takes place in either the school gym or a church located on school grounds. In the morning, the Pledge of Allegiance is said along with a short prayer, and the normal morning announcements.

Also, despite popular belief, there aren't usually nuns walking around hitting children with rulers and no, not everyone who attends a Catholic school is snobby/preppy/stuckup/a self-righteous Catholic/whatever stereotype you can come up with.

Usually, the majority of the student population of a Cahtolic school are of the Catholic faith, but there are Catholic schools that have many non-Catholic students that come from other faiths/no faith at all and are only attending the school because they or their parents think they'll get the best education there.

As for the quality of education in a Catholic school, it all just depends on the student himself/herself. It's up to the student to decide exactly where to be educated, whether it be Home-schooling, Catholic school, Private school, or Public school.

In short, Catholic schools, Public schools, and non-religious Private schools are relatively the same, just with a few differences.

Anne decided to go to Catholic school and was surprised to find a lack of angry nuns and rich,snobby kids and found out it's just a regular school with Catholic elements.
by RougeRose January 18, 2009
It is a series of books written by Lisi Harrison aimed towards tween girls who enjoy reading about cliques,popular kids getting whatever they want, and completely unrealistic school settings. The series has become quite popular and can be found in many Borders and Barnes&Noble's across the U.S.

It's not neccessarily bad...it just depends on what kinds of books you like to read.
Back in middle school, I decided to read one of the Clique Series books since many of my friends were in love with it...and then turned out to be weirded out/dissapointed/bored due to said book.
by RougeRose January 18, 2009
another way to say shut up/be quiet
"You're an idiot."

by RougeRose January 22, 2009

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