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3 definitions by RougeLeader13

When you lay in the hot sun leaving your bare butt exposed. When its as hot as it can be, you sit down and taking a steaming dump on your partner.
After I gave my girlfriend a southwestern sizzler, she dumped me and gave me a restraining order.
by RougeLeader13 August 27, 2006
When you submerge your hand in icy water until it is nearly frozen. Then you lightly tap someone's testicles with your hand.
Oh man, I just spent last night with some Canadian girl. She started things off with a toronto testicle tap. It totally killed the mood. I don't know what was up with her.
by RougeLeader13 August 27, 2006
When you perform various sexual acts using only your middle finger and speaking various obscenties.
When I moved up to Manhattan, I was shown a welcoming with the new yorker. I cried afterwards.
by RougeLeader13 August 27, 2006