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When you lay in the hot sun leaving your bare butt exposed. When its as hot as it can be, you sit down and taking a steaming dump on your partner.
After I gave my girlfriend a southwestern sizzler, she dumped me and gave me a restraining order.
#southwest #southwestern #sizzler #sizzle #south
by RougeLeader13 August 27, 2006
When you submerge your hand in icy water until it is nearly frozen. Then you lightly tap someone's testicles with your hand.
Oh man, I just spent last night with some Canadian girl. She started things off with a toronto testicle tap. It totally killed the mood. I don't know what was up with her.
#toronto #testicle #tap #girl #ice
by RougeLeader13 August 27, 2006
When you perform various sexual acts using only your middle finger and speaking various obscenties.
When I moved up to Manhattan, I was shown a welcoming with the new yorker. I cried afterwards.
#new #york #yorker #newyork #newyorker
by RougeLeader13 August 27, 2006
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