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1) A term used when the listener of a conversation has no interest what so ever in what you have to say but thinks you should care about what they say.
2)A term used by the socially inept to destroy a convasation
1) "That movie was great"
"It was ok they could have improved it by (whatever)"

2)"So I said they should offer me some sort of refund, how can they rip people off like that?"
by Rosseh! September 27, 2006
What someone says when they can't be bothered to have the courtesy to think of a real response. Abbreviated as just "fair" but can also be used in "fair play"
1. "I hate myspace"
"Fair enough"
2. "The over use of the words fair and enough are causing our generation to be poor communicators"
3. "I shot JR"
"Fair play to you man"
by Rosseh! October 27, 2005
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