4 definitions by Ross Smith

when ones vehicle or other expensive possession becomes defaced by someone scraping off the paint with their own set of keys
Dammit.. someone keyed my car last night! Little freshman fuckers!
by Ross Smith February 13, 2003
Similar to the feminine tampon, the masculine 'manpon' is used for the reduction of sweat between the cheeks of the buttocks, placed firmly between the cheeks in times of high pressure, stress, or sweat-causing situations
These new manpons work great! I never have to be embarrased at the gym again!
by Ross Smith February 13, 2003
To display ones superior skill against an adversary by defeating them in a loud and obvious manner
I powned you, bitch! Put that in your pipe and smoke it. I AM A COUNTER-STRIKE GOD!!
by Ross Smith February 13, 2003
To take something without the owners consent. Synonyms: yoink
Check it out, man. I'm going to shwamp us some chips and dip for later tonight.
by Ross Smith February 13, 2003

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