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Another variation of the "rofl" (Roll On Floor Laughing) phrases. This one is derived from Chairman Mao, the deceased leader of the CCP. Used to describe something/someone/an action/event that is hilarious, and possibly Communist in nature. The term itself also contains the acronym for "roll on floor laughing my ass off," a phrase heard in online games and in instant messaging conversations.
You're thinking about joining a commune? That's Chairman RoflMao!
by Ross Sargent June 03, 2006
When a guy is sitting in school, not thinking of anything sexual, and you get an erection for no apparent reason.
Teacher: "Tyler, could you come to the board and finish this math problem?"
Tyler: "Oh shit, I've got a pop quiz too..."
by Ross Sargent December 03, 2005
Three in the stink, one in the pink. The lesser known cousin of The Shocker.
The Shocker? Fuck that, this calls for The Show Stopper!
by Ross Sargent April 05, 2006
The more hip term for the drunk dial. It is the act of becoming crunked, then proceding to "dial" people in your inebriated state. Leads to hysterically funny phone conversations, possible emotional outbursts, and general annoyance for the person receiving the crunk dial.
"Ahh man, I'm so crunked right now!! Time for some crunk dialing. I'm calling that bitch Katy and seeing if I can get me some poontang!"
by Ross Sargent November 16, 2005
The act of a man putting his penis between his legs to create the mangina. Except for extreme cases, tuckering is absolutely prohibited on a normal basis. Tuckering is usually only permitted in times of dire need, such as when a butch or sheman is coming on to you in a bar/club.
Buffalo Bill enjoyed tuckering his penis in "The Silence of the Lambs."
by Ross Sargent December 10, 2005
Another variation for l33t speak; similiar to the "lollerskates," lollerpalooza is derived from the word lollapalooza.
Holy shit, that n00b just got pwnt!!!1! l0ll3rp4l00z4(lollerpalooza)!!!!1!!11!
by Ross Sargent March 06, 2006
Someone who is a Unitarian and a vegitarian.
"Wow, that Sarah is hot shit. I heard she was a Univeg."
by Ross Sargent February 26, 2006

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