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2 definitions by Ross Owens

To brandish one's knuckles, usually before a fight or to induce a fight.

I knuck We knuck
You knuck You All knuck
He/She/It knucks They knuck
"Knuck if you buck!" = Put up your dukes if you want to fight. (To knuck)
by Ross Owens December 05, 2005
12 3
This is the type of facial hair with dual or multi escelons of hair giving the appearance of a golf course. Imagine the transition from the green, to the fairway, to the rough...
often not attractive but perfected by some.

Sometimes this can be attributed by laziness or immaturity--inability to grow hair evenly.
"Billy's beard is the perfect example of the golf-course effect."
by Ross Owens June 25, 2007
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