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dudebot is a term of endearment for someone close to you who you class to be a dude, but they are also a little botty... ie... you're a dudebot if you're friendly, down to earth, but also a little out there. you're generally easily understood, but some dudebots are completely misunderstood.
defined by two people in the uk, dudebots are rare, but they are also extremely cool. a dudebot can be female or male, and they have ultra unique qualities.
by Ross Horsman June 22, 2007
a reetbox is a unique and individual box that is real, yet almost imaginary. originating from the reetham catalyst, a reetbox is an offshoot that is meant to be shaken to the song rudebox. (performed by Robert Williams) you can shake your reetbox, you can do the reetbox and you can hold the reetbox. you can't actually see a reetbox.
there is presently only one reetbox in existence and therefore there are not any proven recorded examples to hand. however, the one reetbox that is presently in London can be seen shaken, done and held, but as mentioned above, not actually, physically seen.
by Ross Horsman June 22, 2007
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