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to be without shoes. To be lacking a sense of location, purpose, or shoes.
Everyone look at max hit on those two older men at the bar. He's so shoeless!
by Ross G April 02, 2008
A guy who exemplifies all characteristics of chotch. Additionally, tries to assist others in becoming a chotch of his liking. Thus, he is a maverick of chotch-hood. An absolute shoeless man in every social situation.
Wow TJ was such a chotch-maverick last night when he stayed in and watched the time machine movie.
by Ross G September 09, 2008
1. an absence of being; a lifeless existence
2. an action displaying any or all qualities schnoo
3. a gathering of 4 or more peruvian blacksmiths.
1. Just trying to schnoo in the next little bit
2. I freaked out when becky started to schnoo from her schnoo. Thank god it was just cottage cheese.
3. Hey, check out that schnoo drinking peruvian wine. They are starting to look pretty shoeless
by Ross G July 10, 2008

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