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Libelous and doctored media created by Palestinians in an attempt to demonize Israel.
"Did you see that video of an Israeli soldier beating an innocent little kid with night stick?" "Yes I did see it and I noticed that the night stick kind of wobbled a little like it was rubber." " You know what? This video deserves an Oscar for it is most definitely Pallywood!"
by Ross Edelman February 26, 2008
A hyperactive person that has oversexualized humor and frequently rough houses in a manner that resembles gay behavior. Often to a point were it becomes annoying and disruptive.
That kid Bob will not stop dry humping me every freaking morning when I wake up! I am sick of him grabbing my ass and hugging me wherever I go. Well, it looks like bob has a severe case of Gay-dd!
by Ross Edelman February 25, 2008
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