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Mucky Scottish slamg meaning dirty.
"Git yer erse ootae that field Jimmy, yer troosers are aw mucky"


"James, please would you comeout of the farmers pasture, your trousers are getting covered in mud."
by Ross Douglas April 29, 2005
An expression used to highlight something which is good.
"This sticky ganja is milkins."
by Ross Douglas July 19, 2006
Scottish term for walking.

To walk, amble or perambulate.
"I'm awa for a daunder hen, keep ma tea warm."

Translation "I am going for a walk please keep my evening meal warm."
by Ross Douglas December 31, 2007
A slang name for God.
"It was almost as if The Grand Whazoo was directing me upon my path through life."
by Ross Douglas July 16, 2006
Scotish slang meaning a person who is slightly drunk or has a difficulty in understanding what is being said to them.

"What's wrong with you, ya spangleheided eejit"
by Ross Douglas July 26, 2006
1. Something that has narrowly missed hitting someone.
2. A stone which is bounced across a body of water.
1. "That bullet just skiffed my ear."
2. "I just skiffed that pebble for thirty hops."
by Ross Douglas July 27, 2006
Scottish slang for playing the bagpipes.

Possible Local Usage: "So there I wiz, chompin doon on ma deep fried mars bar an chips when some tube started shaggin the haggis and pit me right oaf."

Translation: "I was in the process of eating ones supper when a stranger began playing the bagpipes which made me lose my appetite."

Local Usage: "Ho, haggis shagger, gonna play Stairway man? Ho ho..."

Translation: "I say, bagpiper, would you care to attempt to play a tune not written for your instrument and subsequently have a heart attack for the amusement of me and my chums?"

Local Usage: "Jim, shag the haggis for us."

Translation: "James my good man, play the pipes would you."
by Ross Douglas February 27, 2008

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