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Any piece of technology that is suspended from the wearer's neck by a lanyard, such as USB thumb drives, space pens or cellphones.

Special credit is given if your lanyard is branded by a cool or wondrously obscure company, site or reference.
"Jim is never without his geek crucifix, he's such a nerd."

She: "I'd so like him, but can't get past his geek crucifixes."

"I need to transfer a file, quick, give me your crucifix,"
#geek #crucifix #usb #technology #lanyard
by Ross Brunson February 17, 2009
The act of compulsively sorting through the seamy underbelly of your iTunes library during moments of otherwise idleness; such as waiting for a long compile, on a long train commute to the City, or when you're supposed to be meeting a deadline.
Darla: What were you doing during the lecture?
John: "iPruning all the Frankie Goes to Hollywood out of my library"

"Dude, I have 500 songs named Track 1 in my library, I better do some iPruning."
#pruning #itunes #playlists #songs #sorting
by Ross Brunson February 17, 2009
The set of delaying tactics, mystified looking around moves and "where the hell's my wallet" self-frisking someone makes when they want you to pickup the check.
He's in a startup now and won't pay for anything, all he'll do is pull a Shell-out Falter on you.
#delay #tactic #frisk #check #pay
by Ross Brunson June 07, 2011
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