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93 definitions by Ross

messed up or disordered
your arm is monogulated
by Ross May 30, 2004
A strongly homosexual erotic way of talking between a group of German idiots, visiting the SITC portal.
OMG The way everyone talks on SITC is so gay.
by Ross March 31, 2004
Poopie is part of the "Poopie and Explodie" duo from a Ren and Stimpy Cartoon.
Explodie: "I have to throw up now, Poopie!"
by Ross January 15, 2004
Similiar to wheelie bar. But it is a bar made of some type of metal that is attached to the subframe of a motorcycle. This allows it to drags straight up and down(12 oclock) during a wheelie. The rider then can perform stunts while dragging bar.
Check out my custom 12 bar. I got 12's for blocks
by Ross August 06, 2004
Ricers are people who spend very little on their Import Domestics. Most Ricers add a Cold Air Intake (CAI) and a Exhaust and think they can take any car on the road.
Tuner Named Ross Hey Brandon your nothing but a 'ricer' bitch who has put nothing on your car besides a CAI and Exhaust.
Ricer Named Brandon Dude my car has 165 horsepower I can take your Integra Type-R.
Tuner Ross Dude, you know my Type-R's engine has been completely rebuilt so why are you running your mouth?
Ricer Brandon Dude, I can so smoke you.
Ross Dude you drive a Honda Civic 2 Door from 91, that engine has practically no torque output at all, I don't want to embarass you.
Brandon Just race bitch
*The two line up on a old highway and take off, Ross easily overcomes the ricer car, Ross laughs as Brandon goes slowly because of poorly timed shifts.*
{At the Finish line}
Ross So I told you man, you suck and so do all ricers
*Ross burns out and leaves Brandon sitting on the side of the road.
by Ross January 31, 2005
A rat is someone who rats. Rats are often found while playing cards (especially Texas Hold'em). Rats rat by catching lucky cards when they make horribler calls. Rats can also be found outside of a card game. Basically when someone does something that is bad for you, you have been ratted.
(while playing Texas Hold'em)
Non-Rat: I'm all in
Rat: Call
(the Non-Rat has pocket Aces. the rat called with 8-9 suited and ratted a flush on the river)
Non-Rat: You fucking rat!!
Rat: rofl
(if the person who got ratted is Ross, everyone present in the room proceeds to snap and say "yeahhhh" for a at least 10 seconds)
by ROSS November 14, 2004
noun, adjective; an obscenely fat girl or woman commonly seen doing mundane tasks. If not for her exaggerated size, she would otherwise go unnoticed. She could be considered a threat if approached for fear of trampling or accidental consumption of everything in her path.
Example 1. "Look out, Fat Vicky at 12 o'clock!!"

Example 2. Waiting in line at a drinking fountain behind a very large girl taking a long time to drink: "Damn, save some for the fish, Fat Vicky!"
by Ross March 03, 2005