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To be vertically challenged and/or to have undersized male genitalia.
"Hell, man, at least you aren't Rivorus."
by Ross March 21, 2003
bland or unhealthy food that is particularly nondescript or unappetizing. Undesirable food. A weird stew.
My friend cooked me dinner... and while she's always talking about exotic cuisine, all she made was a crummy plate of grelch.

The refrigerator is full of grelch - there's nothing to eat.

I don't know what the soup of the day is... it looks like grelch.

The frozen turkey pot pie looked good on the box, but it tasted like a grelch pie.
by Ross April 02, 2007
The coolest stuffed animal in the world. A dinosaur in the form of a Brontosaurus
I still sleep with Lamby every night
by ross April 03, 2005
Zoup is soup. It's quite simple, Zoup=soup. If you don't know what that means, you have much to learn. Zoup!
Dude, you're so not zoup. Get away from me.
by Ross February 28, 2005
To describe a Womans Breasts, particuarly when stuck into a wonder bra or in the case of clearly obvious implants.
My, that chicks tits are really quite Orbulous.
by Ross September 01, 2004
cool, sweet, shibby
That song is off da hizzle shibblze.
by ross September 13, 2003
A punch which is administered in or around someone's genital region, groin area or crotch, et cetera, et cetera.
Reporter: "Jimmy, HOW do you feel about 'My Five Uncles', the show which has replaced your old one, 'Just The Five Of Us'?"

Jimmy: "What do you think, dumbass!? That show sucks my ass!"

Reporter: OK, moving on, how would you reply to the accusations that you were cancelled from your role because you still look 12 years old?"

Jimmy: "HOW many times have I got to say this!? I'm NOT a kid, I'm 51! Take this, you liberal-media-bastard! I'm gonna cockpunch you!"
by Ross March 15, 2005

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