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An acronym denoting "For Nerds By Nerds." Used in reference to internet memes or supposedly unbiased internet articles that are obviously written for and by nerds, g33ks, 1337s, hax00rz, or any of the C++ speaking elite social class.
That ridiculously huge and well annotated Wikipedia article on the Star Wars Kid is obviously FNBN.
by Ross Sewage August 28, 2006
The punching of someone's asshole. The objective is not to actually enter the asshole, but usually as a retaliation when noticing that one's partner is about to defecate on one's face or chest during physical relations.

It can also be used in a more general sense when punching someone's exposed asshole for a myriad of reasons.
That dude was about to lay a Cleveland steamer on me, so I gave him a chocolate shank.
by Ross Sewage October 25, 2006
The end product of defecating in a urinal. Also can be used as a verb.
My friends totally dared me to brown julius in the Denny's restroom.

I left a nasty brown julius in the urinal there.
by Ross Sewage October 25, 2006
1. the last tool for lazy writers who want to show how hip their knowledge is.
2. a way for people's tastes to be researched, commodified, and totally exploited on online sites such as myspace.com
3. an item so overused in lieu of actually creating something, that it signifies the end of innovation and the impending apocalypse of popular culture.
I wish people would stop making lists of crap like in that mediocre movie, High Fidelity.
by Ross Sewage March 16, 2006
the state of inebriation whereupon a shy or old metal head will mosh it up and likely be in danger of sustaining severe injury.
Jeremy was so numbskulled last night, he totally jumped in the pit with the karate kids and slipped a fuckin' disc!
by Ross Sewage March 16, 2006
To be chosen as a safe object for public ridicule and parody by cowards who make a great showing of their supposed bravery.
Man, they sure showed those peace-loving hippies, gays, cripples, and recovering alcoholics a thing or two when they southparked them!
by Ross Sewage August 28, 2006
One of those stupid kids who ruin a show by doing a bunch of high kicks and then hitting you in the face with an elbow because they think they're God damn ninjas. They males are easily recognizable by their girl-cut designer jeans and effeminate haircuts. They are noted for not having any rhythm as they do not actually listen to music.

Note #1: they are not ninjas.
Note #2: they are as lame as Ralph Macchio
I'd do something about that damn karate kid who kicked me, but I'm too drunk and out of shape. Curses!
by Ross Sewage March 16, 2006

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