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Pornstars for the ethical treatment of animals
Dude #1: Did you know that Jenna Jameson is a supporter of PETA?

Dude #2: No wonder why they call it "PETA"!!!!!!
by Rosi Faulds September 17, 2009
A cocktail served in the nursing home spirit. I measure of vodka and one can of boost.
Blond RN: Hon, you didn't drink your boost as yet?

Nursing home resident: How about spicing it up with some vodka, Barbie girl?

Blond RN: You mean a Nursing Home Mudslide? Sure, would you like that frozen or on the rocks?
by Rosi Faulds October 21, 2009
Boobs for the ethical treatment of animals. Also, can be called FBETA (fake boobs for the ethical treatment of animals).
Dude, did you see that Pam Anderson video? Yeah, it was for BETA (or I guess they call its PETA? Right)
by Rosi Faulds September 11, 2009

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