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A group of people stand in a circle. One of them fires an arrow upward into the air. Whoever stays in the circle the longest is the winner.
This is a dangerous game because the arrow could fall and hit the winner, or go out of control and hit one of the people who bailed.
Guy1- do you wanna play arrow roulette ?

Guy2- no way, i don't wanna be killed by an arrow
by Roshoka June 29, 2010
a combination of machine and cinema. used to create digital videos from things like video games. an example of a very successful machinima is Red vs Blue.
I just made a new machinima on Halo 3, come and watch it.
by Roshoka January 12, 2010
buzzkill, buzz kill, bk

n. a person who ruins a perfectly good joke or moment with an idiotic follow-up

v. the action of ruining a perfectly good joke or moment with an idiotic follow-up
Guy 1-"Hey guys listen to this Chuck Norris joke I heard 'Chuck Norris can cut through a hot knife with butter'"
Guy 2(the bk)- "That's not possible cause a knife is solid and butter isn't!"
Guy 1- "Wow, way to buzz kill that one."
Guy 3 (to guy 2)- "You're a giant buzz kill dude, why do we even hang with you?"
by Roshoka December 13, 2011

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