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short for joking, that ppl type in e-mails, on the web, etc.
You're real ugly
jk, jk
by Rosey July 05, 2003
1. The answer to guys who want their girlfriends to break up with them.(See How to Lose a Girl in 10 Days.) World of Warcraft is a game for losers who completely suck at life. Unconciously knowing how much they suck, they turn to WoW to begin a new life in a different world. In doing this, the bitch is now the bully, and can cast spells (See Lame-ASS bitch) or kill a mutated bumble bee with an oversized axe. Don't forget to rest and drink some water after that beating! Alliance, Horde, it doesn't matter which confederation, you're still a LOSER! 2. A complete life-sucker. It will replace your daily routine of going to work, working out, eating dinner, having sex, and going to bed, to calling in late to work, leaving early, and then gaming until 8am, when it is time to call in late again. Depending on which race you choose to be, the intensity of the "LOSER" sign flashing on your forehead can differ. 3. Shamans are pole-smokers. 4. If a girl plays World of Warcraft, she is most likely fat and ugly. Because she is fat and ugly, she is also probably easy. Such girls can be found on Friendster.
Mark and Joe are a couple of bitches who play World of Warcraft. Guess what two guys are getting dumped on Valentine's Day?!?!? shhhhhh... it's a surprise!
by Rosey February 09, 2005

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