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Oswego is a small town.... nothing special... there are pot heads reserved in specific areas around town that you can easily avoid, and if you don't pay any attention to them they just swear and walk away in a squiggly line (seriously). There's a band/orchestra/chorus program that almost everyone's in and usually the concerts are... not too good. At the Oswego High School there are the standard social classes; the preps, jocks, freaks, goths, pot heads, and that all around skanks also know as the dirty kids that no one wants to even go near. The principal there cries... constantly, although it isn't true that the teachers give back weed. '09 on the last day of school there were food fights that made headline news and reptiles were let loose in the school; what could possibly have gone wrong. The mayor has said that he "wants" to fix the problems in Oswego and we all know that it's never going to happen! For example the homeless people who wander at night (very creeper). The weather sucks! Winter for 6 months, spring for 3 months where you're walking in mud constantly, and summer for maybe 2 months if you're lucky. As a positive, during the fall the college campus is beautiful and since Oswego is right on the lake the sunsets aren't too bad either, and if you're up at the lake Rudy's is a great fish/grill place. Other than that to sum everything up Oswego is the world's Shithole. Some people argue that global warming is from car emssions; nope, it's from all the pot heads in Oswego.
(college kids just ended their semester)
Kid 1: Hey what do you wanna do?
Kid 2: I dunno. Where's the best weed?
Kid 1: Get in the car
Kid2: Where are we going?
Kid 1:Oswego
by Roseanna Johnson June 24, 2009

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