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1 definition by Rosealie678

An amazing friend who allways likes to help people an cares for everyone but is also a complete badass. She stands up for her friends and what she believes is right even if it means going against the crowd. She also hates it when people try to impress her and she doesnt try to change for others. Shes very pretty and isn't allways blonde. She's also very smart and sacrastic when it comes to ackward situations. But even though she has her badgirl badass rep she's also a hopless romantic trying to find her one true love. All in all a great friend and amazing person but can kick your ass if needed.
Boy 1- Dude! Did you see samantha today?
Boy 2- Yeah she totaly nailed that guy in the face for calling her bestfriend a slut!
Boy 1- I know i would never mess with her
by Rosealie678 November 22, 2011