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1) A racist remark towards a Jew
2) A tight person
1) Hahahaha, you're wearing a dress, fucking wej

2) Wej cuts his hair short to save money on shampoo. I bet he uses both sides of the toilet paper as well.
by RoseRAWR June 15, 2009
Attempting to be a nigga and failing
Rhys: Ayee yea blad shut the fuk upp mann
Human: No, just die, wigga
by RoseRAWR June 16, 2009
An alien, attempting to be a human.
He bobs when he walks.
He has seven green dicks.
He fancies Sarah.
He says 'MROW!'.
He shares a brain with Lefteri.
He has hovering jackii.
He owns a space ship.
He has green blood.
He says 'Nyaa!'
His braces are connected to his space ship.
Child: Mommy! That kid looks like an alien!
Mom: Shh, don't look at it!
Child: :'(!!!
by RoseRAWR June 15, 2009
A) Having a gap down the middle of a fringe

B) Having many little gaps in a fringe, normally referred to as 'Many curtii'
A) Dude, go get your fringe cut, you have curtii

B) Paha, that man has many curtii xD
by RoseRAWR June 16, 2009
Acronym for "GeorgeWithDuckLikeFeaturs"
Or, "GuyWithDuckLikeFeatures"
A chavvish person, who is an ex greebo, who resembles a duck.
You can usually see their scalp
A: Ahaaa, a GWDLF
B: Where?!?!?!
A: That chav over there!
B: What? George?!
A: Yeah
B: Aww, poor little ex wemo
A: Aww, I can see his scalp
B: Aww, he has duck like features
A: Ahaaaaaaa GWDLF
by RoseRAWR June 16, 2009
Acronym for "PlanetWithNonPlanetLikeFeatures"
Inhabited by JWNHLF's alien army
JWNHLF is the king
Looks exctly the same as its king
Yellow curtii for the sea
Craters for eyes
Forrests for gills
River for mouth
Volcanoes for a nose
A: What was that sound?
B: Huh?
A: It said 'Mrrrrrooooowwwwooowwwwoooowww"
B: It must be JWNHLF landing on PWNPLF
A: Oh yeah, I keep forgetting
B: How do you forget an ALIEN?!
by RoseRAWR June 16, 2009
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