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Anything related to a needle piercing your skin either for drug use or medical needs.
I'm gonna get spyked at the clinic tomorrow.
by Rosario Marquez April 27, 2007
Pronounced: ta - HOR

1. As a theory: the end of all progress; the death of evolution.

2. Common definition: A big party.
1. Shit, that president is the avatar of taor or;
2. Shit, that party was a taor one!
by Rosario Marquez April 26, 2007
1. Any person that thinks getting drunk to have fun is perfectly normal and then that keeps bloating to everybody around him how cool it was being drunk knowing that no one gives a damn about what he does to ruin is life.

2. Can also simply replace the word "retard" in any instances that word could be used.
Just imagine a situation where you would say "retard", but then put "drunktard" in its place.
by Rosario Marquez April 27, 2007
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