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A sexual position, usually the best for a quickie, where the man has sex with a woman from behind.
Bend her over and fuck her doggy style.
by Rory McMoose April 29, 2005
A hilarious flash animation about a superhero with a burnt face!"

BFM"I can't see a fire...or smoke"

MAN"Well there is a fire...i'm not lying! And and if you save her...i'll give you this sega game gear!"

BFM"Keep hold of your....high tech gaming system! I laugh at danger!"


by Rory McMoose April 29, 2005
1.)A gay man
2.)A straight man OBSESSED with anal sex
3.)A man who loves back doors
1.)"Look at that back door lover and his little poodle. Poof."
2.)"I'm what you call a back door lover. If it's not brown, i'm not down."
3.)"He seemed like a nice guy until he saw my back door...then he changed completely"
by Rory McMoose May 01, 2005
The Female ejaculation.
"Dude, that bitch almost drowned me with her ladyspray."
by Rory McMoose April 27, 2005
1.)A man who enjoys giving oral more than receiving.
2.)A man who eats platypi in his spare time.
1.)"Don't go near him hun, that man's a serious platypus eater. I don't want to think of all the places that tongue has been"
2.)"Quick! Hide your platypi! Mike the platypus eater is about!"
by Rory McMoose May 03, 2005
After necking a pint of sickly sweet shandy, throwing up a mouthful of puke.
"Hey did you hear about when Tim threw up on a pint of shandy?!"
by Rory McMoose April 29, 2005
A man who chews gimps for sexual gratification.
"Haha I stole your word Adam you gimp chewer!"
by Rory McMoose April 29, 2005

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