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A movement traditionally performed by a gang known as the Crips, to distinguish between fellow Crip members and rival Blood gangmembers, C walking is usually characterized by foot motions known as gliding, the V, heel toe, the shuffle, and variations and combinations of the above. The gang affiliation has almost lost all meaning, as c walking has become almost mainstream in many urban and suburban areas.

C walking is commonly referred to as a dance, but traditionalists and crips will get offended at this common mislabel, and might bust a cap in your ass.
1. Snoop Dogg used to be a crip, but I've never seen him C walk.

2. That white boy thinks he can C walk, but it looks like he's trying not to fall on a freshly waxed tile floor.
#c walk #cwalk #crip walk #c-walk #crip-walk #gangsta walk #crips
by Rooz6789 August 10, 2006
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