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Finding out, that after masturbating, you don't really want to do some of the sexual acts that you deemed a good idea while aroused or horny.
"Dude I was totally gonna go have sex with my Ex Girlfriend yesterday. I was stoked!"

"Well what happened bro??"

"PSH! I had a Masturbation Revelation after I jerked it to try and make it last longer. I texted her after I finished whacking it and told her to fuck off! Then I went and ate a sandwich"
by Rooster Jake August 25, 2011
Using a knife to to sharpen your pencil.
"Dude do you have a Mexican pencil Sharpener? I have a huge test and I can't find mine! I'm freaking out! Haven't even studied!!!!! "
by Rooster Jake August 25, 2011
Throwing a hand full of rocks at someone because you can't afford a real gun.
Boy 1: Did you hear about Jimmy getting shot by a Mexican Machine Gun?

Boy 2: Oh Lord please don't tell me its true! Is he going to die??????? What hospital is he in?

Boy 1: Nah dude! He's fine. Only one small cut on his cheek, he's gonna be fine. Luckily they weren't closer. He's now found the Lord though, said it changed his view on life.
by Rooster Jake August 25, 2011
A First person Shooter player with shaky, inaccurate hands.
"What the hell dude! Jose just used his whole clip on that guy and didn't hit him once!!!!!!!! He has Michael J fox hands! He can only use his knife!"
by Rooster Jake August 25, 2011

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