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The act of achieving and erection at the most inconvenient of times and for no apparent reason
Sitting in the classroom the teacher shouted over to timmy

Teacher: " Timmy come and write the answer on the board"

Timmy began sweating nervously as he had case of the awkward stiffie
by Rooboy222 September 20, 2009
The process of waking up and seeing the ass before you and knowing its only there because of the riddiculous amount that you had drank the night before

this can cover an accidental gay expierence , a larger than life woman , or any other situation you wake into and instantly regret the ammount you drank the night before
After showering thoroughly Tom recieved a phone call

" You coming to the pub?"

A whimpered reply came back

"No...im not leaving home today i have suffered the glutes of regret !!"
by rooboy222 November 01, 2009
Where a group of guys are attempting to chat up the one hot girl in the bar , and she suddenly leaves for the bathroom leaving an awkward group of men who dont know each other , each battling to be the last man standing for her return.

A true test of akward silence ride out
John , Dave, Paul , Bob and Allan were all chatting up the blonde at the bar when suddenly she realised she needed to do her make up leaving the guys in a right old dick dump

Allan:........... emmm
by Rooboy222 September 20, 2009
A woman who wasnt nothing but her own way and in doing so causing as much displeasure as possible , by not letting a man in any of her holes but instead allowing him only to stave his penis on the area between both
Margaret sat in the restaurant on their first date

"I dont like the food here, we cant eat here or that other place you wanted to , and if we do go back to mine dont even think about it "

John sat there thinking to himself

"What a gooch stabber"
by rooboy222 November 01, 2009

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