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Urban use: A con. Beat in the head.

Rural use: Affirmative. Yes.
Urban use: Street kid- 'Trey bought that stick of incense for 2 bucks, that nig got okeydoked.

Rural use: Blue Power Ranger- 'Okeydoke Zordon It'll be done'
by Ronzula March 18, 2008
Variation of No Homo, n/h
Generally this phrase is used in NYC.

Term is a double edged sword which pays homage to the professional homosexuals in Chelsea.
Fake Setting: Limerick Pub NYC

Damian: Yo son these salty nuts taste so good with my creamy stout
Damian: No Chelsea

Marcos: Nah son I know what you mean these sausages are extra delishwith my sex on the beach
Marcos: No Chelsea
by Ronzula July 06, 2008
A scientific unit of measurement properly associated with the yagometer. An Elton is a unit of measurement of yag/homoness. Eltons are based on a scale of 10, Ten being extremely flamming, in other words uncannily similar to elton john

1) By default, European men clock in at approximately 2.5 eltons.

2) Ma'am your gay baby, according to the yagometer, has a yagometric reading of 5.5 eltons.

- Disclaimer: To all you cool gay people out there you know I got love for you, N/H
by Ronzula May 26, 2008
A *device/methodological approach to measuring the ones level of Yag. Yag is measured scientifically on a scale of 1-10 Elton units or simply Eltons, 10 being the gayest of course.

* Yagometers may be purchased in your local bodega for about 99 cents
In general yagometric terms all European men clock in, as a standard default, at about 2.5 Eltons.

My dude, your yagometer must be broken cause your boy has a weak wrist
by Ronzula May 15, 2008
When your at a party, Concert etc. and you want to get from point A to B, simply raise your elbow perpendicular to your body, preferably at shoulder length, and proceed plowing through in a uniform and straightforward fashion.
Scott: And how do you expect to get over there?
Ron: simple... Party Elbow
by Ronzula August 03, 2008

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