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Italian American word for a male, young or old, who is flamboyant and showy, often wearing jewely, cologne, driving an expensive car, acting like God's Gift to the females.. usually covering up insecurities by always trying to be perceived as the hottest stud.
Yo Dave, did you see Tommy last night buying drinks for all the stellas at Vito's ? Oh yea, that sparcone, he's going broke and better sell those suits cause he owes the bookie.
by RonnieD September 20, 2007
Italian-American slang : To be heavily intoxicated.
Pronounced : Bomba-LeeeThe
I was bombaleethe last night. I can't remember anything !.
by RonnieD April 15, 2006
an associate of the mafia or another organized crime group who kills a person, thus graduating to "made man" or "soldier" status. Only by killing under the orders of a ranking mob officer can the prospect become a "made man".
"I just drove up and knocked him off, one in the body and 2 in the head to make sure he was dead. The boss will be pleased. I'm a made man now."
by RonnieD March 01, 2008

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