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2 definitions by Ronnie Purples

The offspring of the Scron creature. Incredibly edgy around humans due to the torturous upbringing from the adult scron.
Will never sit with its back turned to humans, especially in large groups. Facial expressions of the Wee Scron can differ wildly as it tries to engage in communication with humans and often slurs its words. A Notable attribute of the scron is its large rectum which sits were its chin should be (possibly due to the adult scron manipulating the wee scron's genes at spawn). Wee Scron hates its jacket being touched and will often squeal the words "get aff me" in retaliation. The Wee Scron also has a noticeable cough which scientists say is a result of the Adult Scron's gene manipulation or the wee scron's nervousness. Wee scron is often beat up on due to its smaller build than the average human. Wee Scron has been known to be a tightarse also...
"Mikey is a wee scron."
by Ronnie Purples May 05, 2007
A mythical urban creature that dwells in Glasgow's suburbs.
It is known for scaring small children using devious tactics like hiding on the ceiling. Notable features of the Scron are its long index fingers and purple colored skin. (Comparable to
other urban creatures such as the Boogie man.)
"Get aff me Scron!"
"Shut it ya wee Scron!"
(all examples are written in Glasweigan slang)
by Ronnie Purples May 05, 2007