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A put-down, usually at your game, whatever that may be. An attempt to make you appear lame.
Dude, I just uplamed you in Madden 37 - 0.
by Ronnie Jonez January 12, 2010
Shortened version of "raised to be lame".
Yo Tommy! Lets goto the strip club after the bars close!

No way, it's already 2am, I gotta be up early.

Dude, stop acting raised, let's go.
by Ronnie Jonez January 12, 2010
A powerful epidemic across the world. Usually a result of overconservative parenting exclusively among men (women are generally exempt) that now is manifesting itself in various ways into adulthood. Usually an excessively boring, simple mentality that is generally common in parts of the country (midwest, south) and is found across the world at varying levels. Not as common in Western Europe or California.
Dude, what's up with all this Warcraft stuff those guys over in IT keep talking about?

It all comes down to one thing...the way they were raised.

Wait, what do you mean...

They were raised to be lame!
by Ronnie Jonez January 12, 2010
Someone with an unrealistic view of their city, bordering such ridiculousness it rivals the fantasy world C.S. Lewis invented in his Narnia book. Usually common among mid-sized cities, especially in the midwest and rust-belt regions. Very popular mentality among so-called "civic boosters", consists of constantly drawing absurd comparisons to New York City or Los Angeles, using off-the-rocker data such as having a X number of coffee shops on one block to justify major-city status.
The new Burger King in Indianapolis sold more whoppers than the one in New York City today! Dude, stop being Narnian.
by Ronnie Jonez January 12, 2010

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