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The act of walking slowly or "shuffling" because you're too preoccupied with tasks being done on your smartphone such as browsing the internet, texting, etc.

The Smartphone Shuffle can sometimes be dangerous for oneself, such as crossing a roads, not paying attention to surroundings. It can also be a nuisance for other people as distracted Smartphone Shufflers block hallways, stairs or sidewalks and impede flow of pedestrian.
Stop doing the Smartphone Shuffle! You're blocking the sidewalk.
by Ronnie J January 08, 2011
Stealing the honor of performing the first bowel movement in someone else's new residence. This is most applicable after you help a buddy move-in to a new place and you just have to go to the bathroom to take a dump.
Andy: "Hey guys, I just totally stunk up the bathroom, be warned!"

Andrew: "Damnit Andy! Why did you just shit-swoop my bathroom? This is my brand-new apartment and I haven't even used the toilet yet!"
by Ronnie J October 17, 2012
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