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A Pokemon from the second set(152-251) and the evolved form of Sentret. It sucks more than most of the first 151, but less than those from 252 onwards.

It is a normal type, based off of a ferret, upon which its name is a pun.
Look! Sentret is evolving
*evolving music*
Sentret evolved into Furret!
by Ronin Catholic November 02, 2007
There Ain't No Such Thing as A Free Lunch.

Very old slang, dating back to before ain't became a legitimate English contraction.

I means that a prospect is too good to be true(TGTBT), in that you are being offered something for nothing.
Nate: Your eMail says Bill Gates will give you $250 for each person you send this to that sends it to someone else.

Uncle Dick: TANSTAFL.
by Ronin Catholic November 29, 2007
The stupid beginning of a word filter that is really hard on the eyes.

While swearing is stupid, making stupid marks that turn the first letter of a swear into a smiley is stupider by far.
John typed Pussy in the chat room.
Everyone else got &quot:)ussy
That's dumb.
by Ronin Catholic November 07, 2007

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